Insurance for your Amusement Devices

Need ideas and advice on how to be a safe operator? Or do you need updates on the latest news concerning your business or the insurance coverage that pertains to your state? Here at the CIA, we have made it our mission to help out everyone we can in order to create a better work style for everyone. In order to help out the community and our customers, we have created the CIA Informer as well as other articles that would be helpful for those who wants to start a business or for those businesses who need some type of guidance.

Bounce House Insurance Coverage & Safety Presentation
Check out Larry's presentation to make sure you have the right coverage.

Save money this year on your insurance!
The CIA has ways to save you money and offer "PROTECTION" like nobody else! We specialize in providing insurance for the amusement industry representing 6 insurance companies and the top association programs.

What does your customer service say about your company?
This articles talks about Customer Service, and what that says about your company. A great article on how to present yourself to your customers.

10 Catastrophe Claim Tips
If your property is damaged by a hurricane, tornado, hailstorm or similar disaster, here is what you should do to assure quick handling of your insurance claim.

Easy and Simple Marketing Tips
Whatever you do, never stop marketing! In today's economy, it is more important to market than ever before. In order to keep your prospects or customers thinking about your business you need to have your business name in front of them. So let's go over a few business reminders.

Insurance for your Amusement Devices
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